J Family

Last fall I got to take pictures of this very beautiful and very sweet family as well. This year we went to Lake Nokomis for a late summer shoot. Aren’t their outfits just perfectly coordinated? I told K that I was going to hire her to be my stylist for other family sessions! 😉 I can hardly believe how much their children have grown up in a year, time does fly! I just loved seeing all their little personalities come out during the shoot. I have a little bench that we use for painting our home that I made all four kiddos cram on last year, so we had to try to do that shot again. The oldest saying, “Oh no, not this shot again!” I told him we were going to do it every year until they couldn’t fit! The outtakes from those were pretty fantastic. 🙂 Thanks J family for another wonderful session, I can hardly wait to work with you again!


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