Baby G: 6 Months

Where oh where has the time gone? Little G is now 6 months old (just a tiny bit older than my little girl). His family came down to visit me in my “studio” (also known as me shoving my love seat into our dining room and setting up my backdrop stand…and then moving to our back yard :)) We had a grand ol’ time! G is just the most laid back little guy, and boy is he ever STRONG. He’s already crawling and pushing himself up to sitting! As always, his family was super fun to hang out with and I can’t wait until their next visit!

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One comment on “Baby G: 6 Months

  1. […] soon! This time ’round we were doing some family shots for their Christmas card and also Little G’s 9 month pictures. (How is it possible that he’s that old already?!) You guys are the sweetest […]

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