About The Photographer


Hello there, I’m humbled that you are considering hiring me, thank you!

Working in my in home studio, my clients’ homes, and on location, I try to capture photos that are classic but also allow people’s real personalities to shine through. Giant, goofy laughing smiles and all! My style leans towards traditional with a hint of photojournalism style.

Few of my friends would hesitate in applying the terms “geeky” and “quirky” and “loud” to me. I am certainly not scared of being silly! Jesus is my Savior, I love Him deeply, and try my best to emulate His love and compassion for all people. I’m definitely a work in progress though.

I grew up on a beef farm about one hour west of the Twin Cities in a little town called Stewart. I graduated high school in 2003 and went to study at NDSU in Fargo. In 2007 I graduated with a degree in biotechnology and minors in microbiology and chemistry (what can I say? I like being well rounded.)

Marrying my best friend Kevin in 2006 was one of the most joyful days of my life, he’s an amazing man. We have four wonderful daughters that keep us young at heart, and a pet Corgi named Chloe.

I would absolutely love to be invited to help capture your family’s memories! Please drop me a message today!



One comment on “About The Photographer

  1. LBK Photography has taken nearly all of my daughter’s pictures since she was born. Her patience and creativity (both critical for photographing a baby) are endless. I’m always amazed at the great angles she comes up with and the gorgeous shtos she gest of our precious little girl. She’s truly a gifted photographer.

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