Baby L: 6 Months & Family

This mommy and daddy make the most gorgeous children. I mean just check out their adorable little man! He has already changed so much since his three month session. His duck fuzz is my favorite.

I was exceptionally excited for this shoot because we got to go to a location the parents had talked about for quite some time, their alma mater. And what a gorgeous campus it was! We could have taken pictures just about anywhere and they would have looked wonderful. 🙂 The crab apple trees were in full bloom so we took advantage of that as well. Thanks K family for yet another great shoot, love you folks!


One comment on “Baby L: 6 Months & Family

  1. […] babies change in such a short amount of time. It seems like just last week I was taking L’s six month pictures. But this time around he was standing solidly and was very-nearly-walking. I managed to […]

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