F Family

I have had the pleasure of knowing this family for the past few years. We’ve shared lots of parenting adventures together and made a lot of good memories and I know there will be many more to come! We recently got to go camping together with several other families…and over a dozen kids! It was chaotic and messy and VERY fun!

They took me to a relaxing park near their home that had lots of fun trails to explore. Little W turned 3 not too long ago, so we wanted to get a few special shots of her. Isn’t she just an angelic little girl? I adore her big blue eyes and plump cheeks!  We also wanted to get some fun ones of their beautiful family. Thanks F family for a wonderful evening!


One comment on “F Family

  1. Stacy Vigiletti says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them all Laura you are amazing! I just love how you capture those moments that need to be remembered…beautiful!

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