Little L: 6 Months

Little L’s momma and I had several classes and labs together while we attended NDSU. She’s one of those people that just makes you a better person by knowing her, I hope you have people in your life like that. Little L and his parents came out aaaaall the way from Colorado just to have me take his pictures! (Okay that’s not entirely true, his dad was here for work, but still, I felt pretty darn honored that they wanted me to take them! ;)) I had not yet met this handsome little man, and we were very excited to have them stay in our home. He was such a happy little guy, momma and daddy did a great job making him shriek in delight for these pictures, though he gave us plenty of deep-in-thought looks as well. And then there’s the preppy little tie, did you see the tie? *squee!* 🙂 Thanks little man for a great shoot!

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