K Family

This beautiful woman is one of my very best friends. I have the privilege of having known her since birth, she has always been a very kind hearted, funny lady and she is well known for being tenacious (particularly with sports). I love her and all that she has become. Her little family is pretty cool too, her husband is such a caring man with a great sense of humor. They are perfect for each other. I seriously cannot get over how big their little man has gotten! And if you haven’t noticed, he’s going to be a big brother pretty soon. Their next little boy is due in March.  🙂

I got to have the very fun experience of taking these photos on their family farm, which is not even a mile south of the farm I grew up on. I could literally see my old house (now my brother’s and his lovely wife’s) while on this shoot. It brought back some wonderful memories. Thank you so much for having me take your photos K family! It was SO much fun!


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