R Family

Having such great clients makes me feel truly blessed. Honestly, I have so many wonderful ones. But these guys, they are also my awesome, thoughtful, funny, generous neighbors. 🙂 Blessed I tell ya. I can’t even tell you how many times momma V has hooked me up with an egg or a cup of sugar or has watched my kiddos for an hour while I had to run somewhere. She even loaned me an enormous tub of maternity clothes while I was pregnant with both girls! Daddy J is always ready with a quick joke and treats our daughters like family when we go over to play. Each of their beautiful girls has such a unique personality: oldest sister A is responsible, smart and a caretaker, middle sister N is a sassy but sweet clown, and sweet little J is adorably affectionate and laid back. I loved capturing their different personalities. Anytime I get to spend with this family is great (usually in our backyards), but I had SO much fun with them during this quick little mini-session. Thanks for a great shoot!


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