Baby K: 1 Month Milestone

This adorable little 1 month old was such a dream to work with for her milestone minisession. I just loved the sweet little dress her momma put her in, and that dark hair of hers…just gorgeous! See you in the studio again soon sweetie!


Newborn: Baby N

It had been awhile since I had done an in-a-client’s-home newborn session (rather than one at my in-home studio.) I love to offer my clients that option as I know it can make things easier for new parents! Little N’s mom and dad welcomed me into their beautiful home and we got to work. Grandma had made a lovely purple blanket, and as soon as I saw it I knew we just had to incorporate it into the shoot! I also did a little experimenting with a springtime wreath, and I love how that set turned out. N was a very laid back little lady for the shoot, and her parents were simply naturals at this parenting gig. I really enjoyed my time with this family, they all were simply a pleasure to work with!

Newborn: Baby J

It was such a pleasure having these three people in my home. Although new to parenthood, mom and dad were very laid back and obvious naturals. Their love and affection for little J just radiated from their faces, it was so sweet to observe that. After a nice big lunch, little J snoozed away and did a fabulous job during the shoot. The bow-tie is a small nod to dad being a fan of Doctor Who. I approve. The lovely light yellow blanket was a special gift from grandma. And the turtle outfit…oh the turtle outfit. I could not help it, I couldn’t NOT squeal when we put it on him. SO ADORABLE. Thank you all so much for coming over and letting me capture some of J’s sweet first moments. 🙂

S Head Shots

This lady was an absolute pleasure to shoot! She is incredibly witty and determined, and wanted her head shots to reflect her character. She had a clear idea of what she wanted and we nailed it. Sarah you were so much fun to capture! Let’s hang out again soon!

S Family

My good friend Lindsey gave me a call and said, “Ever since we moved here I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do a winter photo shoot. Can we get out and do one this weekend?” So we did! We hit the trails at Ritter Farm Park near their home. I absolutely LOVE how the pictures turned out! They all did so great, and they nailed their outfits! Colorful and coordinated, with enough contrast to stand out against the winter backdrop. Thanks for a great shoot!


N Family

Knowing her family would all be visiting from out of state, my friend Erin contacted me asking if we could do an extended family shoot. I was excited to work with them and visit with her again. Extended family shoots are one of my favorites to do, as I believe the images produced are the kind that will be treasured for generations.

This fab family met me at Centennial Lakes on a chilly day for their shoot. Everyone stayed in high spirits despite the low temps. They were such a treat to work with, I had so much fun! I was seriously impressed with the kiddos. (As well as the adults, you may pat yourselves on the back for toughing it out too!) Thanks N family for a great shoot! Enjoy your images! 🙂

Baby S: Newborn

This little man was such a sweet, cooperative little peanut. He’s kiddo number three in their family, and you could tell his parents’ laid back, knowledgeable attitude contributed to his calmness. I so enjoyed getting to snuggle him, makes me want another baby so badly! Thanks for a great shoot little one!