P Family Minisession

The last time I had the pleasure of taking this family’s pictures it was out on their family farm very near where I grew up. 🙂 And it was an extended family shoot with all their cousins. AND little J was not born yet. I was so excited to get together with them again, meet J (goodness she is such a sweetheart!), and spend some time capturing their beautiful family. We had a very relaxing morning together at Ritter Farm Park. The kiddos were excellent listeners and helpers (they adorably needed to carry my props for me.) Thank you guys again for a great shoot, I truly hope to see you again soon! 🙂

J Family

The last time I hung out with this wonderful family we went to Lake Nokomis, this time they humored me and took me up on my request to try out a new-to-me-location: Minnehaha Falls. The park was just HOPPING with photographers. I believe I counted at least 14 before I lost track… It was the perfect place to be on a gorgeous October day! Their kiddos are incredibly fun and well behaved, I so enjoy working with them. They made my job SO easy! While our time together was short, I truly had a fun time with you all! Thank you for another great shoot!

H & A Families

I was very excited when my good friend Kristy approached me about taking pictures of her extended family. While it can be a challenge to photograph so many little ones, to capture three generations like this is such a treasure! Extended family portraits are truly one of my very favorite type of session. I love watching grandparents interact with their grandchildren, seeing their love and adoration. I know they all put a lot of time and thought into coordinating this session, and the efforts were appreciated and did not go unnoticed. Thank you all for a fun session! 🙂


D Family

I so enjoyed spending the late afternoon with my brother and his family. Walking around the farm I grew up in is always good for my heart. My nieces and nephew did such a great job cooperating for me! Oh the giggles and grins we had! The only challenge was an overly friendly farm kitty that REALLY wanted to be in a number of pictures (her tail has been edited out of several images! LoL) Thanks so much for a wonderful shoot, I love spending time with you all!

Baby H & D Family

Little Baby H is just a smidge older than my baby Julia, so getting to take her one year pictures was a special treat. (I have dreams that they’ll grow up to be good friends.) She was very gracious, and let her parents and big sister tag along for a few pictures as well. We had such a nice time together walking around the lake and chatting. H was a little reserved at first, but as our walk went on, her fun personality came out! It was a very nice evening spent with a very nice family, thanks for a great shoot!

J Family

The J family and I had a fun but HOT shoot in Prior Lake. The last time I took pictures of their whole family little R wasn’t a big sister yet! Their momma has impeccable taste and always looks so put together. She did a great job dressing her family in classic, timeless clothes. They all looked great! It was so fun to catch up with them and to get to know their kiddos a little better. Thanks for a great shoot you guys!

N Family: Minisession

This is my bestie and her handsome menfolk. Don’t they all look great? We got together at the new Whitetail Woods regional park and had fun exploring on some of the trails. I got to show the boys some wild grapes, we captured a Munzee, and J even picked me a flower. As always, it was great spending time with you all! ❤