V Family

I am terrible at math, I always have been. But after doing some calculations and a lot of counting through old files and such, I am fairly certain that I have the special privilege of bestowing upon this session the title of my 100th professional photo shoot! πŸ˜€ WAHOO! It is particularly fitting because Stacy was one of the very first people to invite me to capture her special little family. SheΒ has always been incredibly encouraging to me as I grew as a photographer. We had a wonderful morning together on our most recent shoot, and the boys did a great job! I was also thrilled to capture some of them with their grandparents. πŸ™‚ Always a fun treat! Stacy did an amazing job on bringing some special details for a cake smash for little D since he turned one recently! Thanks again for another wonderful shoot V family!


J Family: Mini Session

Every time I get an e-mail from this family’s momma I get so excited because I just love hanging out with them. Capturing their beautiful, growing family brings me such joy. They are truly wonderful kind people. The last time I took their pictures little T was only a baby. She has grown into such a beautiful and spunky little girl! And big brother B continues to grow more handsome and sweet each time I see his smiling face. Thank you again J family for a great day! Photo shoot or not, I can hardly wait to see you again!



The K Family

So this is the 52nd time I’ve had the chance to capture this beautiful and fun family. Okay so maybe that’s hyperbole, but it’s been a bunch of times anyway. πŸ™‚ Little G turned 18 months old recently. Wow how time flies! I just love his adorable curls (and his sister’s as well!) We changed things up a bit and tried a new location for them, heading to Lake Nokomis, one of my favorite places. Thanks again K family for a great shoot, I love spending time with you guys!

The N Family

When Stephanie and I first really got to know each other we just clicked. πŸ™‚ I’m very blessed to have her and her wonderful family in my life. I felt so honored when they asked me to take their family pictures, and we had such a fun time together! (We could have done with a few less skeeters though, my goodness!) Her little men were so sweet and silly it was just wonderful! Thanks so much for a great shoot N family!

W Family

This fine family came aaaaaall the way down from North Dakota just to have me take their pictures! (Well they had a wedding to attend as well, but that’s just details. ;)) We were blessed to have them spend the night with us as well. I first met them through Campus Crusade and I am so glad that I’ve kept in touch with them since. They are fun, kind and intelligent people and their girls are honestly the sweetest little ladies ever. They played so nicely with my two daughters!

I love the outfits that Lexie put together for the shoot, they coordinated so nicely! She is one of the craftiest ladies I know, she’s made a number of things for my girls: a quiet book, bloomers, skirts, shoes and a nursing cover for me! And guess what? She made quite a few of the pieces in their outfits as well as the fun JOY banner. How cool is that? One of my favorite parts about this shoot was helping them create a “We’re Expecting!” announcement via a little pair of white shoes. πŸ™‚ Lexie put it up as her Facebook profile banner and it has garnered many comments and likes already. I can hardly wait to meet the newest member of their family, they will no doubt be very loved. Thanks so much for having me take your pictures, it was great spending time with you guys and I hope we get to see you again soon!

C Family

This family always makes me laugh! πŸ˜€ You can just tell they genuinely love each other and love being together! I had the privilege of taking their pictures last year, but you’ll notice they have since added another member to the group. Chunky, lovable, sweet baby B. (Well technically he was in the pictures last year too…heeheehee.) Steve and Jess are so adorable together, I could just take pictures of them snugglin’ and huggin’ for an hour! Such chemistry! C family, you guys are always a joy to hang out with! Thanks so much for another fun filled session!

V Family

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Stacy’s family as well. Stacy is such a sweet, calm and caring lady. She is such a good momma! This year however, there was a new member of the family! Little baby D! Isn’t he so handsome? I see a slight resemblance between him and his older brother, but who knows what time will tell? Thanks V family for a fun time…and for the candy corn. πŸ™‚